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Digital Marketing

Selling books is hard work: whether you’re a self-published author, or have the power and resources of a publishing house promoting your book, every author needs to understand the power of online marketing to sell books.


Much of digital and social media marketing is free; but too many authors don’t understand the costs of designing and executing an online marketing campaign: time and creativity.

Our digital marketing program covers everything an author needs to do to establish his online presence.



Three good reasons you need this service:

Your books are online.

The self-publishing market is expected to grow at 17%. Over 300 million self-published books are sold each year 

Your readers browse for books online.

The number of self-published books has increased 264% in the last five years. Amazon pays $250 million in royalties to self-published authors each year.

People get information online.

When you want to purchase something, don't you go online to search? Chances are high that you'll buy from the first 10 results of your search. The basic goal of anyone with a book online is to be searchable.

Everything you need to build your online platform

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