When you need your story told in a classic, traditional format for publication, we are the ideal partner. With a wide selection of book cover templates and options, we can help you get the most out of your story for publication or as a gift.

 Your family history is one of the most important parts of your life and deserves to be preserved. You can trust Elite Publishing to help you do it right!


Designed for people who:

Want to be able to introduce himself as a published author.

Want a professionally designed book, credibly published in both print and eBook.

Want in-depth editing & proofreading of your manuscript

Want bespoke cover design with full ownership rights

Publishing features:

e-Book, paperback, hardcover availability

Custom cover with back and spine for print

ISBN, Barcodes, and BISAC codes

Custom imprint with a name of your choosing

Book description and outline

Author bio and Amazon A+ content

30 paperback author copies

Marketing essentials:

6 months post-publishing support

Project management

Professional author website


Perfect if you want to cover all the bases with marketing and promotion extras.


Each month for 3 months


Top quality book designed to grow your personal profile and promote your business.


Each month for 4 months


publishing options

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