Developmental Editing

If you're serious about engaging readers it is important to obtain strategic, professional guidance on your writing.


Book development is an intensive process offering detailed, structural feedback on a paragraph, scene, and chapter level.

We will track all affected changes and corrections, and deliver two files to you: one with suggested edits using MS Word Track Changes and another Clean Copy with all changes accepted.


We will also insert comments if something is unclear and needs to be rewritten or addressed by you.

$0.03/ per word

Minimum of 60,000 words

Ideal for:

Writers with a finished manuscript who've done at least one round of edits.

Authors who wants a fresh set of eyes for his work.

What's included:

Trace and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.

Correct inconsistencies, tense inaccuracies, and incorrect word usage.​

Correct poor sentence structure and typographical errors.

Correct readability and flow.

Actionable ideas  and solutions that provide a clear path to your

advanced draft.

Carefully read your book and provide suggestions for edits and rewrites

along with a detailed, constructive critique.

Polish your phrasing to be engaging and adhere to your genre standards.

Five Good Reasons You 

Need an Editor

Editors are versatile.

Editors work on all kinds of communications projects, from personal resumés to corporate reports, from neighbourhood newsletters to best-selling books. Many editors are also researchers, writers, translators, graphic designers and desktoppers.

An editor can save you time.

Producing a clear and effective publication takes time. Finding the right words for your message isn't easy. An editor will cut to the heart of the matter, save you time and help you meet your deadline.

An editor can save you money.

Revising and reissuing incorrect documents wastes precious resources. So does using a non-expert. An editor can help you get it right the first time, and within your budget.

An editor makes sure your message is clear.

If your communications aren't clear, you risk confusing your readers: your customers, your co-workers, even your boss. Make an editor your first reader – before you release your material. Editors know how to cut through the confusion and make your message clear.

Green Typewriter

An editor helps you look good.

Your image is important. You want to put out the best communications possible and avoid embarrassing errors. An editor can help you find the right tone, choose the right words and make you look as professional and credible as you are.

Not Sure What Type of Editing Is for You?

Schedule a quick-call to discover where you should start based on where you are NOW, and your unique author goals down the road.

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