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What is Authoraide?

AuthorAide is a premier self-publishing and book reviewer research company. We want to be upfront and very clear about the type of service we provide and take pride of what we do.

Our publishing unit is a publishing service, not a publisher per se. Vanity or hybrid publishers charge hefty fees for managing your publishing accounts once the production process is completed. At AuthorAide, we show you how to take maximum control over your own publishing experience with ease. So you keep all the royalties and keep track of how your book is doing in real-time.

We believe that your publishing journey should be tailored just for you, and should be customized to fit your goals. So we give you the tools you need to succeed by empowering you on how to publish on your own while keeping your rights. It means you will have access to all of your publishing accounts, even after the publication process is completed. It always feels good to get your book published under your own name and brand. After all, it is your work.

What We Do

We work closely with authors in every phase of the writing and editing, book production, book marketing, and book distribution process to bring their ideas to life. Our family of authors includes bestselling authors who first published traditionally, first-time authors, and everyone in between, making us a diverse, inclusive entity in the publishing world.

What is Assisted Publishing?

Assisted publishing brings the best parts of traditional publishing—quality products, access to national distribution channels, and a team of industry professionals—and the best parts of self-publishing—high royalties, creative control, and retention of rights—together in one place. We are not a self publishing operation, a one-size-fits-all book mill, or a big five New York house: we occupy the sweet spot of high quality production value and optimal earnings for our authors.

Why Choose Us?

What separates Authoraide is our hands-on approach to publishing. We do not offer one-size-fits-all publishing packages like some of the other guys because every project is different.

Our acquisitions team evaluates every author’s content and publishing goals, and if we think we can add value, we create a detailed, individualized publishing proposal: no upsell, no gimmicks. We are not a self-publishing outfit: Mascot authors work with a team of publishing professionals and benefit from our decades of experience, our connections in the industry, and our commitment to keeping up with the latest trends in the ever-evolving word of publishing.