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Our passionate team is here to help you establish your digital footprint using the most relevant, applicable and practical approach.

We help you find potential reviewers by looking for people who have already left reviews for books similar to yours. You pay us for the service we perform (gathering data for you), not reviews. Paying for reviews is a big no-no.


All the reviews you get from reaching out to the potential reviewers we provide will be legitimate, honest reviews.

By establishing an enthusiastic group of reviewers, and a growing network of authors willing to help each other out, we have created the ideal environment to deliver what you want: honest reviews at low prices.

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Book Category

A browse category is the section of the Amazon site where users can find your book. Think of the browse category like the sections of a physical bookstore (fiction, history, and so on). Precise browse categorization helps readers find your book, so be sure to select the most appropriate categories for your book.


Book Description

Readers view your book description as they shop on Amazon. Often, it is a reader's first experience with the content of your book. A well-written description piques readers' interest and assures them that your book is of high quality.


Tags & Keywords

Keywords play a very important role in optimizing your author pages. Correct and appropriate keywords mean better visibility and ranking. Keywords used must be relevant to the book's content.


Genre Assessment

It is extremely important to look at successful books in your category in order to make sure that your book will only be reviewed by those people who are particularly inclined to your book's genre.


Amazon Page

An author page is who you are in the vast sandy beach which is the internet. In our experience, readers check the author's page first prior to making a purchase. 


Customer Reviews

Our Online Community Review Service is written by qualified professionals, such as librarians, nationally published journalists, creative executives, and even authors like you.