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The novel moves at a steady pace, and the characters are developed well.

-Phil Bolos, Amazon Review
January 12, 2019
4.5 out of 5   25 customer ratings

As always the story grows more suspenseful with every page. This is a very strong book.

-Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Famer + 100 Top Reviewer
February 19, 2019
4.3 out of 5   28 customer ratings

Rob the Vatican is an excellent piece that could give the movie industry a run for their money.

-Shemekia Bailey, TOP 1000 REVIEWER
February 23, 2019
4.8 out of 5   17 customer ratings

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In this well-executed contemporary novel of justice delayed, set in Australia, a wise old cop investigates a series of brutal murders and the whereabouts of a prison escapee.

Wittingly woven as a gift for his wife and an enduring legacy to his children and grandchildren, the UNCOMMON MAN is an inspiring memoir of the author’s life in the Philippines.

The numerous near-death experiences accounted for twenty-six fractured bones and rendered the author unconscious on five separate occasions, yet he somehow lived to tell his story.

Stewardship—One Incredible Adventure! invites its readers to immerse themselves in an energetically motivated, biblically grounded and eminently practical.

Johnson Vasquez is a policeman with a highly troubled past. He survived a plane crash, and in the six years following the disaster, his friends have undergone surreal changes.

Terrifying Tales Unleashed is a menagerie of short stories covering many popular genres including horror, science fiction, suspense/thriller, and a lot more.