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It’s not just what we do, it’s why we do it. Self-publishing encourages a diversity of voices and thoughts. When more voices are heard, we believe the world is a more compassionate place.

Why Choose Us

We are invested in your success. We not only want to provide you with a well-designed book, but we also want you to feel like you have a partner in the process of publishing it.


Personal attention

Our caring professionals are committed to producing a quality product with integrity.


Expert guidance

Our team will guide you to make the best decisions about all things related to your book.


Ultimate control

You get full access to your royalties
and your retailer
&  publishing accounts.

Our partners in
the book industry

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...and 39,000+ online
retailers across the globe.

5,000+ books published

Some of the fantastic books that we have helped prepare for publication

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Beneath the Surface: The Complete Septic Tank Handbook

#1 in Plumbing & Household Automation

#7 in Home Maintenance and Repair

#3 in Plumbing & Home Automation Remodeling


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Inherent Greed: Why the Fox is in the Chicken Coop

#7 in Psychological Thrillers

#10 in Criminal Law

#13 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense


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Rollo Michaels: The Last Case

#8 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries

#10 Private Investigator Mysteries

#11 in Hard-Boiled Mystery


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Tales of A Country Doctor (2).png

Tales of A Country Doctor

#9 in Medical Professional Biographies

#14 in Pathology

#16 in Memoirs

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